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Why TiNT?


Customizing with window TiNT enhances your vehicle's appearance by making it LOOK FANTASTIC! 


  • TiNT STOPs  excessive surface heat and the sun's damaging UV rays on you and your passengers!  With UV and heat rejection technology, window tint keeps your vehicle cooler in the sun and more comfortable by allowing your air conditioner to cool more efficiently, plus adds the health benefit of protecting your skin from UV damage!

  • TiNT STOPs the sun's harmful UV rays from damaging your investment!  With high performance UV rejection technology, window tint helps protect your interior fabric, leather and vinyl from damage and fading. 

  • TiNT STOPs excessive side window glare! Window tint lowers inside and outside reflectivity, making day and night driving easier on your eyes. 

  • TiNT STOPs curious eyes from easily seeing inside your vehicle! Along with adding an extra level of privacy, window tint can also help protect you and your passengers from injury by helping hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident or break in, also adding an extra level of safety!



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Our TiNT


We proudly install Global window films and Solar FX films, arguably the best window film in the industry!  

We stock our color stable films  in rich shades of black and charcoal tones designed to provide the beautiful custom look you desire. 

Our standard film is deep dyed, two ply polyester, featuring superior optical clarity with no distortion and a highly aggressive adhesive. We also stock ceramic film upgrades featuring maximum heat rejection and UV protection! 

Our professional quality products will not interfere with your electronics and offer a premium manufacturer's warranty against excessive color change, ensuring your tint will perform perfectly for years to come!